//What’s Hot Right Now? February 18th, 2021//

Melting ice, beastly ghost burgers, and cleaning up our city,
plus history made and presented.

// The Good News //

a view of the downtown greensboro skyline in the background with an ice covered bush in the foreground

The good news is that the weather will be warming up next week, putting this icy cold in the rearview. Who’s ready for sunny 60º days?!?

// Local-ish Flavor //

a photo of a to-go bag of mr beast burger in the foreground and bravo restaurant in the background

If you have pre-teens, you’ve probably heard about Mr. Beast, the NC YouTuber that grosses about $8 million/month on their videos and merchandise. They’ve expanded their empire to include burgers – and without all the overhead of owning a kitchen. Enter: ghost kitchens – utilizing extra capacity in already established restaurants to serve up your personalized menu. We found Mr. Beast Burgers on the Uber Eats app and tracked it to the Bravo! restaurant at Friendly Shopping Center.

// Spaces //

a photo of the display of pieces of now in the greensboro history museum about the history of the summer of 2020 with the george floyd protests and covid-19 pandemic

The Greensboro History Museum has a powerful new exhibit called Pieces of Now that showcases the historic events that took place in Greensboro during 2020. Curators have compiled and displayed artifacts from the Black Lives Matter protests, the economic crisis, and the pandemic as it affected the lives of Greensboro residents. You can tour the exhibit in person for free Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 5pm, or take a virtual tour.

// Things to Do //

a map of greensboro nc with locations marked for litter pickup

Greensboro Beautiful is sponsoring a Winter Wipeout program to help wipeout litter around Greensboro. You can sign up to clean up specific litter “hot spots”, then upload before and after shots to Greensboro Beautiful’s Facebook page to show the great work you did! Without leaves on trees and bushes, trash is easier to see, which means your efforts will make a huge difference!

(PS – it’s a great excuse to get kids outside and teach them
about taking care of our community, too!)

// Parting Shot //

a photo of a cyclist riding by in a blur under a bridge on church street, the bridge support has a colorful daisy mural on it.


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