//What’s Going On? February 4, 2021//

Local arts! Local history! Local Food!
Plus flowers, lunchboxes, and Valentine’s Day is coming!

// The Good News //

view between painted bridge supports

The city of Greensboro has a vibrant public art scene and it’s only getting better. Murals and various art installations have been popping up at parks, on shops & buildings, and along the newly completed sections of the greenway. This kaleidoscopic paisley bridge mural at Morehead Park off of Spring Garden St. is one of the more recent to pop up, painted by local artist Darlene McClinton and her Creative Minds Team.

// Did You Know? //

a photo of a statue of dr. george simpkins jr. of greensboro north carolina on the grounds of the old guilford county courthouse

Dr. George Simkins Jr. brought about the desegregation of Greensboro’s Gillespie Golf Course and Moses Cone Hospital, integrated Wachovia Bank’s hiring practices, and much more? It is through his efforts that discrimination is prohibited in publicly owned places in the United States. This statue of Dr. Simkins is on the grounds of the old Guilford County Courthouse (near the statue that looks like Darth Vader’s helmet, both can be seen from Market St.)

The Greensboro History Museum will be discussing his legacy and the effort to film a documentary about his life this Friday, February 5th, from noon to 12:30, during their History Lunch Break series.

// Local Flavor //

a photo of two shoebox lunches with fried chicken and boba toast from the historic magnolia house cafe and hotel

The Historic Magnolia Manor is offering Shoebox lunches every Thursday-Saturday from 11am-3pm for pickup or delivery. Check out their menu, with a side of history about why Black travelers would carry “shoebox” lunches during the Jim Crow era. We’re going to order the Magnolia’s Chicken & Bombay Toast with a side of …ooh, um, gosh, we can’t decide!

// Spaces //

a mural of a sunflower and a lady bug on the back of the tiny greenhouse shop in greensboro nc

It’s tough to decide which makes you happier, the space behind The Tiny Greenhouse with this cheerful (and appropriate) mural, or the inside (definitely the inside!) – with it’s vast collection of tiny houseplants clad in adorable clay and fabric pots, art supplies and gifts. Either way, both are worth a visit!

// Things to Do //

a photo of marquee letters spelling out the word love

Need an idea for a fun activity for Valentine’s Day? The Greensboro Parks and Rec is offering a Valentine’s Day “Date Night Kit” with craft, chocolate treat to make and conversation game starters for you and your love to enjoy. Reserve your kit online for $20 and pick it up on Feb 12th at your nearest rec center.

// Parting Shot //

a photo of a statue of the a&t four from the greensboro sit-ins on the campus of a&t university the statue is in shadow with the dudley memorial building lit up behind it by the sunshine


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