//What’s Cookin’? January 14, 2021//

And the answer is… bananas. Plus new businesses, hot drinks, outdoor spaces & Project Slugger !

Hello, Greensboro!

// The Good News //

oh goodness bakery the photo shows the front of the store on elm street

Downtown Greensboro is anticipating six (SIX!!!) new businesses opening up soon, and they all sound delicious. Here’s the list:
Bourbon Bowl (531 S. Elm St.)
Lewis & Elm wine bar (600 S. Elm Street)
Radici (214 S Elm St.)
Seafood Destiny (106 Barnhardt St.)
Savor the Moment Bakery (124 N Davie St.)
One Thirteen Brewhouse + Rooftop Bar (113 N Greene St.)
And open now:
Oh Goodness Bakery (631-A S. Elm St. *Shown above!)
Luxe Soulfood and Cocktails (403 N. Elm St.)

// Local Flavor //

a photo of cookie at her cookies cafe in downtown greensboro with signs and menu board

Cookie’s CafĂ© is now open serving coffee, tea, mochas and snacks outside the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, on the corner of Elm Street and February One. Go say hello to Cookie and get a “Judy’s Hug” – a cup of hot Russian Tea – perfect on a cold winter’s day!

// Did You Know? //

a photo of a statue of o'henry in front of 301 north elm street building

The term “banana republic” was coined by Greensboro’s own O. Henry? After “borrowing” money from the bank he worked at to pay for his wife’s medical bills, he hid out in Honduras. While there, he watched as corrupt government officials taxed the bananas exported by American companies, pocketing the cash, and then ended up deposed by coups backed by those same corporate interests. That sparked the idea for a term that’s stuck. Bananas, right?

// Spaces //

a photo of a person standing amid a grove of bamboo looking up into the canopy

This week’s space is the outdoors. Greensboro has a great system of nature trails, and the west entrance of Laurel Bluffs enchants you with a stroll through this bamboo forest! Located on the right just past the entrance to Lake Brandt Marina if you’re coming from downtown. Click the link for more info on this and our city’s other great hiking trails!

// Progress Report //

a view of project slugger building from atop a parking deck in downtown greensboro at sunset

The building at First National Bank Field, home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, is now open for use. Businesses have started moving in to the “Project Slugger” building along with an FNB branch on the first floor with available corner retail space. This office building is the latest change to Greensboro’s cityscape. The newly completed city parking deck to the left will service demand from the building and an anticipated hotel.

// Parting Shot //

a photo of dudley high school's marching band during the martin luther king jr day parade

We’re going to miss the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade this year! Our favorite part every year is experiencing the High School marching bands. If you’d like some ideas on how to spend this National Day of Service, check out The Volunteer Center of the Triad.

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