//Let’s Take A Hike! January 28, 2021//

Lots of new trails coming!
Plus local chocolate bars, a free concert, and a Master Plan!

// The Good News //

a photo of greensboro's friend's home property from a drone

Friend’s Home has donated over six and a half acres of their property to connect and enhance their campus trails to the Bicentennial Greenway. This grows our already extensive trail network – Greensboro has almost 100 miles of trails and greenways, with more planned!

a drawing of greensboro's plan2play map of greenways in the city

Greensboro’s Plan2Play Parks and Rec Master Plan is quite extensive and works to connect eleven greenways and trail systems throughout the city? The Master Plan also has a cool history of our city’s growth, parks, and economy. Definitely worth a quick flip through!

// Local Flavor //

Joyland Provisions three chocolate bars with one opened at the top to show the bar under the wrapper chocolates greensboro nc

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we’ll make it easy for you – get your loved one (or yourself!) a chocolate bar (or two!) from Joyland Provisions. This company roasts their cocoa beans and pours their bars right here in Greensboro! We usually get our bars at the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market, but you can also find them at Scuppernong, Design Archives & online.

// Things To Do //

uncg's college of music collage performance

We’ve always wanted to experience UNCG School of Music’s Collage performance, and this year they are making it easy to watch from the comfort of your home! Just like the name implies, there will be a variety of musical performances that are sure to delight any music lover. Hit the trails during the day on Saturday and then sit back and enjoy this musical performance as a great way to end your day. They will be live streaming this Saturday night, January 30th at 7:30pm. Donations will be accepted and will go towards scholarships for their music students.

// Spaces //

a photo of a mural by gina elizabeth franco that is painted on brick with a black background and an image of a piece of paper torn from a notebook with the words I miss you so much and a small red heart grass is in the foreground of the photo

This is one of our favorite spaces and we visit it often since the mural changes every once in a while. Painted by muralist Gina Elizabeth Franco, this one was up this spring, there’s a new one up now. You can visit it behind Savor The Moment Bakery on Davie St. in downtown Greensboro.

// Parting Shot //

a photo of downtown greensboro at dusk with dark silhouette of trees on either side of the foreground


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