//What’cha Cravin’? January 21, 2021//

Is it tacos? It’s tacos, right?
Plus exciting new developments, our very own YouTube star, and sunsets!

// The Good News //

an image of downtown greensboro from the train depot with a traffic turning arrow that looks like a smile and the glint of sun off a building in the distance that looks like a winking eye

Downtown is growing, but there’s still tons of potential. This is a photo of downtown Greensboro from the front entrance of the J. Douglas Galyon train depot. The lot across the street and adjacent buildings (including the former News & Record offices) is a huge piece of land. Imagine tourists getting off the train and walking out of the station doors and seeing…??? What would you like to see in this space to lure visitors to Greensboro?

// Local Flavor //

a container with three giant tacos with cilantro and lime in front of the restaurant drive through of taco in the box

Everyday is Taco Tuesday for us! So today we sampled the Big Tacos at Taco In The Box. Drive thru only, head to 3204 E. Bessemer Ave and grab a three-pack. We loved how they grilled the cheese on homemade tortillas. Try the pork Big Tacos with a side of green sauce.

// Did You Know? //

a photo of a notebook of a pen and ink drawing by peter draws

Greensboro has a famous YouTuber? PeterDraws (aka Peter Deligdisch) has almost 1 million subscribers to his channel where he records himself drawing these beautifully intricate pen-and-ink fantasies, speeds it up, and adds commentary over it. You’ll be mesmerized by his talent, soothed by his meditation-worthy voice, and laugh at his dry rumination on whatever he’s thinking about that day, which is sometimes… leggings?

// Spaces //

a sunset view of uncg water tower from a parking deck in downtown greensboro

This week it’s… O-U-T-E-R S-P-A-C-E
Last week we took our telescope and headed to the top floor of one of Greensboro’s parking decks to catch the rare conjunction of the planetary trio Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Though we weren’t able to see all three planets, we still enjoyed a beautiful sunset and camaraderie with other planet watchers atop the parking deck. Here are some other cool space and sky events happening in 2021.

// Progress Report //

a view of the bailey village apartments development from market street toward the united house of prayer for all people

This may not look like much, but it is a very exciting development! It’s the site of the old USPS sorting facility on the corner of E. Market St. and S. Dudley St. catty-corner to the NCA&T campus. They’re moving dirt, and it’s soon to become Bailey Village at New Downtown East, a multi-use project including shops and apartments, connecting NCA&T to downtown! Interesting history about the restoration of the East Market Street corridor here.

// Parting Shot //

a view down market street towards downtown greensboro as the sun is setting the buildings are in dark profile with the sun rays spreading out towards the viewer

//What’s Cookin’? January 14, 2021//

And the answer is… bananas. Plus new businesses, hot drinks, outdoor spaces & Project Slugger !

Hello, Greensboro!

// The Good News //

oh goodness bakery the photo shows the front of the store on elm street

Downtown Greensboro is anticipating six (SIX!!!) new businesses opening up soon, and they all sound delicious. Here’s the list:
Bourbon Bowl (531 S. Elm St.)
Lewis & Elm wine bar (600 S. Elm Street)
Radici (214 S Elm St.)
Seafood Destiny (106 Barnhardt St.)
Savor the Moment Bakery (124 N Davie St.)
One Thirteen Brewhouse + Rooftop Bar (113 N Greene St.)
And open now:
Oh Goodness Bakery (631-A S. Elm St. *Shown above!)
Luxe Soulfood and Cocktails (403 N. Elm St.)

// Local Flavor //

a photo of cookie at her cookies cafe in downtown greensboro with signs and menu board

Cookie’s Café is now open serving coffee, tea, mochas and snacks outside the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, on the corner of Elm Street and February One. Go say hello to Cookie and get a “Judy’s Hug” – a cup of hot Russian Tea – perfect on a cold winter’s day!

// Did You Know? //

a photo of a statue of o'henry in front of 301 north elm street building

The term “banana republic” was coined by Greensboro’s own O. Henry? After “borrowing” money from the bank he worked at to pay for his wife’s medical bills, he hid out in Honduras. While there, he watched as corrupt government officials taxed the bananas exported by American companies, pocketing the cash, and then ended up deposed by coups backed by those same corporate interests. That sparked the idea for a term that’s stuck. Bananas, right?

// Spaces //

a photo of a person standing amid a grove of bamboo looking up into the canopy

This week’s space is the outdoors. Greensboro has a great system of nature trails, and the west entrance of Laurel Bluffs enchants you with a stroll through this bamboo forest! Located on the right just past the entrance to Lake Brandt Marina if you’re coming from downtown. Click the link for more info on this and our city’s other great hiking trails!

// Progress Report //

a view of project slugger building from atop a parking deck in downtown greensboro at sunset

The building at First National Bank Field, home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, is now open for use. Businesses have started moving in to the “Project Slugger” building along with an FNB branch on the first floor with available corner retail space. This office building is the latest change to Greensboro’s cityscape. The newly completed city parking deck to the left will service demand from the building and an anticipated hotel.

// Parting Shot //

a photo of dudley high school's marching band during the martin luther king jr day parade

We’re going to miss the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade this year! Our favorite part every year is experiencing the High School marching bands. If you’d like some ideas on how to spend this National Day of Service, check out The Volunteer Center of the Triad.

//What’s Shakin’? January 7, 2021//

And the answer is… cocktails to go! Plus snow, cozy spaces & a cool new park!

// The Good News //

snow on a metal gate between brick buildings and a narrow alley with water fall

We could be getting snow! Look for 1-1.5″ to dust (or soak?) Greensboro on Friday. A sunny weekend means it won’t stick around, but it will be a beautiful time to get outside and play! Then we may get a little more on Tuesday, too!

// Did You Know? //

Alex Trebek of Jeopardy standing on stage holding his iPad

The answer is: Greenboro, NC.

The question: Where was Jeopardy’s first ever Champion from?

If you really want to feel nostalgic, catch Alex Trebek’s last episode this Friday on ABC, and check out his heartwarming Thanksgiving message, which seems as timely as ever. Ever wondered if you could make it onto the show? Take the Jeopardy test to find out.

// Local Flavor //

two mason jars of mixed drink sit on a wooden railing with dram and draught sign in the background

Takeaway cocktails have finally come to North Carolina! NC bars and restaurants are allowed to to sell cocktails for delivery and carryout. The only rule? Make sure to put your cocktail in your trunk (or out of reach of the driver’s seat) so you don’t run afoul of the law. It’s a great way to support your local drinking establishment while we’re distancing. We sampled a few of our faves from Dram & Draught last week. They’re as good as what’s served on site (and they come in reusable mason jars… hooray for no waste!)

// Spaces //

inside the farmers wife antiques store in greensboro nc wooden bread bowls hold green moss balls on a turquoise farm table with wooden shelves behind it

Winter is officially here and if you need a cozy spot to get some inspiration, The Farmer’s Wife in downtown Greensboro has plenty. They’re located at 339 S. Davie Street, behind Natty Greene’s. Be sure to make your way all the way to the back to see the tableau above (which changes regularly) and check out their fresh flower arrangements – they’re also a full service florist!

// Progress Report //

looking toward joy mongers brewery from lofi park with new permaculture plantings and tile concrete wall looking on from the intersection

That cool grassy area in front of Joymongers has just gotten cooler. This corner of Eugene and Smith Streets is officially named LoFi Park (short for Lower Fisher Park, not a lack of access to WiFi) and the space just got a remodel by the Greensboro Permaculture Guild whose work shows up all around downtown; along the Greeway in front of Deep Roots, and in the back alley between Elsewhere and SouthEnd Brewing Co. to name a few spots (which are totally worth finding!)

// Parting Shot //

a view of nathaniel greene statue with the setting sun