//What’s Shakin’? January 7, 2021//

And the answer is… cocktails to go! Plus snow, cozy spaces & a cool new park!

// The Good News //

snow on a metal gate between brick buildings and a narrow alley with water fall

We could be getting snow! Look for 1-1.5″ to dust (or soak?) Greensboro on Friday. A sunny weekend means it won’t stick around, but it will be a beautiful time to get outside and play! Then we may get a little more on Tuesday, too!

// Did You Know? //

Alex Trebek of Jeopardy standing on stage holding his iPad

The answer is: Greenboro, NC.

The question: Where was Jeopardy’s first ever Champion from?

If you really want to feel nostalgic, catch Alex Trebek’s last episode this Friday on ABC, and check out his heartwarming Thanksgiving message, which seems as timely as ever. Ever wondered if you could make it onto the show? Take the Jeopardy test to find out.

// Local Flavor //

two mason jars of mixed drink sit on a wooden railing with dram and draught sign in the background

Takeaway cocktails have finally come to North Carolina! NC bars and restaurants are allowed to to sell cocktails for delivery and carryout. The only rule? Make sure to put your cocktail in your trunk (or out of reach of the driver’s seat) so you don’t run afoul of the law. It’s a great way to support your local drinking establishment while we’re distancing. We sampled a few of our faves from Dram & Draught last week. They’re as good as what’s served on site (and they come in reusable mason jars… hooray for no waste!)

// Spaces //

inside the farmers wife antiques store in greensboro nc wooden bread bowls hold green moss balls on a turquoise farm table with wooden shelves behind it

Winter is officially here and if you need a cozy spot to get some inspiration, The Farmer’s Wife in downtown Greensboro has plenty. They’re located at 339 S. Davie Street, behind Natty Greene’s. Be sure to make your way all the way to the back to see the tableau above (which changes regularly) and check out their fresh flower arrangements – they’re also a full service florist!

// Progress Report //

looking toward joy mongers brewery from lofi park with new permaculture plantings and tile concrete wall looking on from the intersection

That cool grassy area in front of Joymongers has just gotten cooler. This corner of Eugene and Smith Streets is officially named LoFi Park (short for Lower Fisher Park, not a lack of access to WiFi) and the space just got a remodel by the Greensboro Permaculture Guild whose work shows up all around downtown; along the Greeway in front of Deep Roots, and in the back alley between Elsewhere and SouthEnd Brewing Co. to name a few spots (which are totally worth finding!)

// Parting Shot //

a view of nathaniel greene statue with the setting sun